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Saturday, April 9, 2011



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>>>>>MY STORY<<<<<

I was raised as a mainstream non-denominational Christian and was baptized at 12 years old alongside with my Grandma in some lake by some church that I unfortunately can't even remember the name of. lol

FYI, I had NEVER believed that Jesus was God and was completely ignorant about the trinity.

My parents always showed me the importance of unconditional and and were always supportive of my walk with God, but didn't push me to do anything either.  I may have very much appreciated their lack of pressure, but not their lack of teaching.

I was your typical average church and youth group participant.  Always had great friends and stayed out of the "big" kinds of trouble.  I learned about the basics of the basics from my pastor and youth leaders, but never really STUDIED the Bible for myself.

Due to much ignorance, I wobbled A LOT from my path of righteousness during my Junior and Senior year of high school.  Things only got worse as I got into College (a.k.a. typical nights out with the girls). 

I believe that I've ALWAYS been a very loyal and lovely person to be friends with, but...I had to renew my mind and clean it of a lot of junk that I was taught by both Christendom and the rest of the world. 

Due to my lack of judgement in my earlier days, there was a lot of bad decisions that I made that had hurt a lot of people! :(

Fast Forwarding...

As I got to a certain point in my single parent life, I was very grateful to the Jehovah Witnesses that came to MY house to study MY Bible with me:).
My eyes were opened to a lot of truth thanks to the JW.  Both my mother and I studied with them for about 2 years and attended their Kingdom Hall for about 6 months or so?  

Fast Forwarding....
 Click here for further explanation:
"Why I Can't Be A Baptized JW" 

I still have much respect for all of the knowledge and input that JWs have to offer to this day.:)  In short, I just can't agree with some things that they believe and/or do.  My mom and I were together on this all the way (God rest her soul).

After what felt like a divorce from the JW, my mother was my only serious like-minded bible study partner AND best friend until she past away in July of 2009.  She was in a lot of pain, so I am happy that she is taking a painless nap right now until Jesus comes to wake her up :).

Since then, I have been in constant search of like-minded biblical truth seekers.  I try extra hard to find and connect people with the same desire that I have :).  Especially for the purpose of a LOCAL and more intimate fellowship for extra spiritual support and encouragement! :)